While working on the t-shirt project for the Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation I also sent my sister a file that says “be mighty” which she turned into a temporary tattoo! I love it. ‘Be Mighty’ is the battle cry of the Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation.


It never hurts to have a little reminder close by!


Here is one of my favorite girls in the world (who just happens to be the daughter of one of my favorite girls in the world!)  She just so happens to be a huge supporter of Mighty Oakes!


If you want custom tattoos contact Jim at Sticky Puppy

Remember to BE MIGHTY today!



2 thoughts on “BE MIGHTY

  1. lucianocarmo says:

    Hi there, my names is Luciano and from Brazil.

    I’d like to know which font is that in the word “mighty” due I am intent to have my arm tattued with my daughter name and this word mighty also. So, could you give me more details about this fint please?

    my email is

    thanks in advance.

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