I moved to Oklahoma in 5th grade.  I lived in a suburb north of Oklahoma City and then went to College at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, America.  During those years I was eager to get out.  Now that I’ve left, however, I love that state and the amazing memories and friendships she gave me.

I’m very far away from her now…and when I heard news of the tornados that hit the Moore area my stomach dropped.  I had seen the destruction of the May 5, 1999 storms personally and it broke my heart to imagine how all those families were dealing with the aftermath.  So, while trying to focus on other projects, I found myself scribbling out the words to the song Oklahoma.  It is one of those things that I find myself singing while I clean or am just walking down the street!  Its a song we sing at football games at Oklahoma State and choir performances in schools the state over.  Two of these are hanging in my dining room right now.  I just can’t believe anyone could ever get those lyrics so right!

I’m always holding my friends and family and old state in my heart and missing them all so much!





photo-1IMG_5468 IMG_5461

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