3 Cheers…For Chirps & Cheers!

Several months ago I was visiting some friends in family in Edmond, OK.  My best friend Carrie had been encouraging me to visit a little shop called Chirps & Cheers.  Its a paper lovers dream shop.  Tons of paper products, cards, packaging, calendars, stamps, stickers, ribbons, jewelry…lots of lovely things that will make you wish your luggage wasn’t already at max weight for airline checking standards!  Otherwise you might blow a paycheck there.  When I finally found the time to pop in for a visit I had the chance to chit chat with Susan, one of the store owners, and after circling the store 3 times I walked out with a few treats and plans to have her make a stamp for me.

This is a shop that came highly recommended to me and I must say if you need anything from announcements, invites, business cards, or just a “pick me up” gift for yourself or a friend, you won’t go wrong here.

It took me a while to get her the file, but she was so easy to work with and she helped me figure out what would work best…and then yesterday, this came in the mail!   It is perfect.  I’m still working on my logo/branding, but for now this has me smiling so big!




I needed something so I could sit down and do this!




Ok, signing off now.  I have to go stamp every piece of scrap paper I can find!   If you need a stamp let me know.  I’m sure we can design something that the women at Chirps & Cheers would love to make!

Sending heartstrings and love,




2 thoughts on “3 Cheers…For Chirps & Cheers!

  1. janchristine2013 says:

    Just beautiful tina. I would like to order some stationery for kim and I intend to purchase it from you. I think 15 cards w envelopes would be enough. Her initials now are kjd for duval and she goes by kimberly. She likes simple palettes; wedding was cream w navy and that would be pretty for cards. Pls let me know if and when you could do. Jan xxoo

    Sent from my Galaxy S®III

    • sendingheartstrings says:

      Of course I would love to do this! I will send you a private message, but I love the blue and cream palate! I just sent off a white and navy card the other day and thought…I should do everything in this!

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