A Special Client: Cathy (part 3)

The main reason Cathy contacted me (aside from the work I did here or here) is to make her personalized stationary.

She wanted cards she could use for personal stationary as well as custom cards for her business “A Sheltering Tree” (a center from counseling and creativity)!  We picked colors and got to work…greens with darker envelopes…and little lady bug details.

One of the nice things about Cathy is that she gives total creative license to me.  So I used it as a chance to play with different styles of lettering.  I

2013-08-22_0009 2013-08-22_0010 2013-08-22_0011 2013-08-22_0012 2013-08-22_0013

2013-08-22_0008IMG_0048 IMG_0053 IMG_0046

At the end of the day i sent off 80 cards to Cathy with little lady bugs.  I ended up needing to buy something she could store them in.

When you send notes do you prefer custom personalized stationary or do you like cute designs and sayings?

Either way hope you are sending real mail!



A Special Client: Cathy (Part 2)

When Cathy asked me to work on a special personalized stationary project (shown here) I was so excited.  She is a councilor who hosts retreats for men and women across the country.  This particular event had 10 women meeting her at a lake resort where they would be working on different exercises that focus on personal reflection, relationships, and creativity. Each day each participant wrote a letter to someone who played a specific role in their life.  Thats what those personalized cards were for.

As she talked about the event with me she mentioned they were staying at the same location where Dirty Dancing was filmed.  I loved that thought.  So I decided to slip a little quote into each of the bags from the movie…  I played around with spacing and lettering options for a day or two then made it an exercise in consistency… Plus she and I had gone back and forth on the stationary so I wanted to slip a treat in there that would be a surprise for her as well!

A close up of the brush marker and fine tip marker effects…

2013-08-22_0004 2013-08-22_0003

but in the end I went with dipped red ink…


Replicating the same thing 12 times isn’t exactly easy, but it was such a fun project!  I loved it. And I can hear Penny shimmy as she yells “shake em”!  I wish I could have been with Cathy on her retreat!  If you want more information on what she has to offer check out her website.  She is located in the Dallas area, but offers retreats around the country!  http://www.ashelteringtree.com

Sending love and heartstrings!


A special Client: Cathy (part 1)

I’ve been so busy over the last few months that I haven’t had time to post…and all of the stuff I was working on couldn’t be shared right away because I never want to post before the clients get their goodies!  But here goes:

My Mom was one of my first clients. She paid for several sets of custom note cards to give to her friends for Christmas gifts. I worked on them while she was here in Germany and didn’t think to photograph them…unfortunately! One of the sets went to her very dear friend (and by extension a very dear friend of the whole family’s) Cathy.

Cathy has the most amazing southern accent of anyone I know. She is always so happy and sweet and full of love. When I read her Facebook updates I read them in her voice: cheerful and with a long southern drawl!

Shortly after receiving her set of notecards she emailed me and asked for more. Only this time, she said, put your contact information on the back! (Did I mention she is also brilliant?). She also requested a special project for a retreat she was running. As part of the workshop she wanted to give each person a set of 5 note cards to send to loved ones each day. It sounded like a really sweet project so once colors were picked I went to work. I also included a jelly roll pen with each set because I realized after I picked dark blue paper that people might not have pens on them that would show up on it.

I ended working on this part of the project in a hotel room because I was on the road at that point!

Testing paint colors on the bright cards!


Here is round one of the cards laid out to dry.  Each card was a different color with a different color of ink.


Mixing custom paint colors in a hotel room is not ideal…the beer helps.


It was a fun project to work on with lots of bright colors.  I sent the following off to Cathy and was so happy to work on it!


More on this project to come!  In the meantime if you want to learn more about the work Cathy does check out her website at http://www.ashelteringtree.com.

Sending heartstrings!


Funny Friends.

I’ve recently fallen in love with “Comedians in Cars getting Coffee” by Jerry Seinfeld.  If you haven’t watched it yet check it out!  It’s calm and simple and interesting, and of course, hilarious.  Jerry and the guest comedian of the episode go get coffee together in a car.  Then they just talk…and  much to my delight it’s AMAZING.  It reminds me of a road trip I took this spring.

I made the following cards back in May after what might have been one of the funniest car rides of my life.   I was in a truck with 4 college friends that lasted an hour and a half  and we had so much stuff that the 3 in the back row could not move our legs an inch.  (Whenever we are together we keep a running log of quotes…there are plenty more than this)  The following 4 quotes are all from a husband and wife duo.  Only in a pickup in the middle of rural Oklahoma do you hear this stuff.  I promise the inside joke is funnier than just the quote…but this is a nod to those friends I love so much.  Thanks for bearing with me!  (And pardon the profanity…it was just too funny to no post!)


I love these quotes because they are so unpolished.  I just sat down and scribbled them out.  The question now is, what do I do with all these little cards…planning to send them to my friends…but should the person who said the quote get it or should it go to someone else?  Or should I send them to you instead?

Sending heartstrings to all the friends that make me laugh!



Favorite Quote

This quote has long big a favorite of mine.  Written here in white ink on neon pink card stock.  2013-05-10_0011.jpg

“Let us then be up and doing with a heart for any fate; still achieving, still pursuing learn to labor and to wait.”  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

PS.  I’m pretty sure the ink was still wet when I hung this up and snapped the picture.  It was just a doodle I did for myself.



While working on the t-shirt project for the Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation I also sent my sister a file that says “be mighty” which she turned into a temporary tattoo! I love it. ‘Be Mighty’ is the battle cry of the Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation.


It never hurts to have a little reminder close by!


Here is one of my favorite girls in the world (who just happens to be the daughter of one of my favorite girls in the world!)  She just so happens to be a huge supporter of Mighty Oakes!


If you want custom tattoos contact Jim at Sticky Puppy http://store.sickpuppystore.com.

Remember to BE MIGHTY today!



MIGHTY T-shirts!

One of my favorite things since I started working on all these projects has been seeing the big reveal.  These days I’ve sent off a lot of digital files that are to be used in various forms that I don’t always get to see in person.  One of my favorite projects has been ongoing…and I hope I always get to work on it…

My sister established a foundation in the name of her son who was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect.  He past away just over a year ago, but lived a very mighty life while he was with us.  His foundation, Might Oakes Heart Foundation, has grown steadily since its inception,  feel free to contribute to the cause!

Every month on the 10th (Oakes’ Birthday) my sister and members of the foundation visit the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit to shower the nurses with love.  They were such a huge part of my nephews life and the foundation does its part to make sure they are reminded of how important they are to the families in the unit!  Several months before Oakes’s 2nd birthday my sister reached out to me to work on some phrases for her.  Some would be for a tshirt others would be for extra products.

Here are Oakes’s Grandma, Cousin, Sister, and parents carting in loads of cargo!  They brought tons of treats for the CICU nurses, patient, and families to celebrate his 2nd birthday!


It warmed my heart so much to think of our “mighty” Oakes and the nurses who shared his life with him.  (He spent all but 15 days of his life in the hospital).   Here are a few shots of the process and the end product!


The design before I cleaned it up:

Scan 14

And here is the final product:



Here I am prepping for a 5k race with another huge fan of the Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation.  Its weird wearing your own work…but when MOHF is involved its worth it!photo-1

Since then, I’ve seen those shirts in photos on facebook, in a docu series about life at Children’s Hospital (WHICH IS AMAZING!), and of course in personal pics sent my way!  One more picture for you including Oakes’s sister and best friend.  Perfectly styled with a ring pop and puppy friend!

2013-03-02 15.00.00