While working on the t-shirt project for the Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation I also sent my sister a file that says “be mighty” which she turned into a temporary tattoo! I love it. ‘Be Mighty’ is the battle cry of the Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation.


It never hurts to have a little reminder close by!


Here is one of my favorite girls in the world (who just happens to be the daughter of one of my favorite girls in the world!)  She just so happens to be a huge supporter of Mighty Oakes!


If you want custom tattoos contact Jim at Sticky Puppy

Remember to BE MIGHTY today!



MIGHTY T-shirts!

One of my favorite things since I started working on all these projects has been seeing the big reveal.  These days I’ve sent off a lot of digital files that are to be used in various forms that I don’t always get to see in person.  One of my favorite projects has been ongoing…and I hope I always get to work on it…

My sister established a foundation in the name of her son who was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect.  He past away just over a year ago, but lived a very mighty life while he was with us.  His foundation, Might Oakes Heart Foundation, has grown steadily since its inception,  feel free to contribute to the cause!

Every month on the 10th (Oakes’ Birthday) my sister and members of the foundation visit the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit to shower the nurses with love.  They were such a huge part of my nephews life and the foundation does its part to make sure they are reminded of how important they are to the families in the unit!  Several months before Oakes’s 2nd birthday my sister reached out to me to work on some phrases for her.  Some would be for a tshirt others would be for extra products.

Here are Oakes’s Grandma, Cousin, Sister, and parents carting in loads of cargo!  They brought tons of treats for the CICU nurses, patient, and families to celebrate his 2nd birthday!


It warmed my heart so much to think of our “mighty” Oakes and the nurses who shared his life with him.  (He spent all but 15 days of his life in the hospital).   Here are a few shots of the process and the end product!


The design before I cleaned it up:

Scan 14

And here is the final product:



Here I am prepping for a 5k race with another huge fan of the Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation.  Its weird wearing your own work…but when MOHF is involved its worth it!photo-1

Since then, I’ve seen those shirts in photos on facebook, in a docu series about life at Children’s Hospital (WHICH IS AMAZING!), and of course in personal pics sent my way!  One more picture for you including Oakes’s sister and best friend.  Perfectly styled with a ring pop and puppy friend!

2013-03-02 15.00.00