A Special Client: Cathy (Part 2)

When Cathy asked me to work on a special personalized stationary project (shown here) I was so excited.  She is a councilor who hosts retreats for men and women across the country.  This particular event had 10 women meeting her at a lake resort where they would be working on different exercises that focus on personal reflection, relationships, and creativity. Each day each participant wrote a letter to someone who played a specific role in their life.  Thats what those personalized cards were for.

As she talked about the event with me she mentioned they were staying at the same location where Dirty Dancing was filmed.  I loved that thought.  So I decided to slip a little quote into each of the bags from the movie…  I played around with spacing and lettering options for a day or two then made it an exercise in consistency… Plus she and I had gone back and forth on the stationary so I wanted to slip a treat in there that would be a surprise for her as well!

A close up of the brush marker and fine tip marker effects…

2013-08-22_0004 2013-08-22_0003

but in the end I went with dipped red ink…


Replicating the same thing 12 times isn’t exactly easy, but it was such a fun project!  I loved it. And I can hear Penny shimmy as she yells “shake em”!  I wish I could have been with Cathy on her retreat!  If you want more information on what she has to offer check out her website.  She is located in the Dallas area, but offers retreats around the country!  http://www.ashelteringtree.com

Sending love and heartstrings!


Funny Friends.

I’ve recently fallen in love with “Comedians in Cars getting Coffee” by Jerry Seinfeld.  If you haven’t watched it yet check it out!  It’s calm and simple and interesting, and of course, hilarious.  Jerry and the guest comedian of the episode go get coffee together in a car.  Then they just talk…and  much to my delight it’s AMAZING.  It reminds me of a road trip I took this spring.

I made the following cards back in May after what might have been one of the funniest car rides of my life.   I was in a truck with 4 college friends that lasted an hour and a half  and we had so much stuff that the 3 in the back row could not move our legs an inch.  (Whenever we are together we keep a running log of quotes…there are plenty more than this)  The following 4 quotes are all from a husband and wife duo.  Only in a pickup in the middle of rural Oklahoma do you hear this stuff.  I promise the inside joke is funnier than just the quote…but this is a nod to those friends I love so much.  Thanks for bearing with me!  (And pardon the profanity…it was just too funny to no post!)


I love these quotes because they are so unpolished.  I just sat down and scribbled them out.  The question now is, what do I do with all these little cards…planning to send them to my friends…but should the person who said the quote get it or should it go to someone else?  Or should I send them to you instead?

Sending heartstrings to all the friends that make me laugh!



Favorite Quote

This quote has long big a favorite of mine.  Written here in white ink on neon pink card stock.  2013-05-10_0011.jpg

“Let us then be up and doing with a heart for any fate; still achieving, still pursuing learn to labor and to wait.”  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

PS.  I’m pretty sure the ink was still wet when I hung this up and snapped the picture.  It was just a doodle I did for myself.



I moved to Oklahoma in 5th grade.  I lived in a suburb north of Oklahoma City and then went to College at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, America.  During those years I was eager to get out.  Now that I’ve left, however, I love that state and the amazing memories and friendships she gave me.

I’m very far away from her now…and when I heard news of the tornados that hit the Moore area my stomach dropped.  I had seen the destruction of the May 5, 1999 storms personally and it broke my heart to imagine how all those families were dealing with the aftermath.  So, while trying to focus on other projects, I found myself scribbling out the words to the song Oklahoma.  It is one of those things that I find myself singing while I clean or am just walking down the street!  Its a song we sing at football games at Oklahoma State and choir performances in schools the state over.  Two of these are hanging in my dining room right now.  I just can’t believe anyone could ever get those lyrics so right!

I’m always holding my friends and family and old state in my heart and missing them all so much!





photo-1IMG_5468 IMG_5461

Little frames


I’ve recently been working on a series of custom items about 5×7 for a very old friend of mine with different quotes.  These are sweet gifts she is giving out to people she loves. I particularly love this quote she requested in gold ink. I love this picture because even though the lighting is weird you can see that the ink is raised… one of my favorite features of using paint!

At the same time the quote is certainly a good thought to keep in your head while you branch out on a new course!  Who couldn’t use that reminder?

Quote by ~ Calice Becker

Custom work commissioned for a client and not available for reproduction.